Laundry Stories

“As a fitness professional and lifestyle influencer, it’s not uncommon to spend the majority of my day sweating in makeup. Between photoshoots, classes and city-trekking, Skin Laundry has been my ultimate face-saver. I can’t tell you exactly what happens in those 15 minutes, but I can tell you, without fail, I look younger the next day and my pores have practically become invisible! Genius.”

Bethany Meyers

SLT Instructor & Lifestyle Influencer

Skin laundry has given me an all-season solution to maintaining a healthy glowing complexion!  In the winter my weekly facials get rid of my dull, dry skin to give me a healthy hydrated glow and in the summer my apres-beach facials erase spots and blemishes for an even skin tone.  My skin has never looked more even and bright!   Most retinol night creams irritate and dry out my already dry skin, but Skin Laundry’s anti-aging night cream system effectively erases fine lines around my eyes and forehead without drying out my skin! The SPF daydream is a must year round!

Naomi Schoenkin

Founder & Chief Executive of Six Degrees of Mom

As a busy mom of two, I was desperately looking for a way to keep my skin clean, healthy and fresh without having to spend an hour at the spa every other week! I started using Skin Laundry and immediately my skin was glowing. After a few weeks of treatments, my pores were the cleanest (and smallest) they had ever been. And don’t even get me started on the products; they’re amazing and so effective. I’m so hooked; I can hardly remember what life was like before Skin Laundry!

Elizabeth Cox

Founder & Chief Executive of Six Degrees of Mom

I love that it’s the most time-efficient facial, you can hear it working, and you look amazing right after!

Loni Edwards

Managing Partner at The Dog Agency